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Dec. 21, 2022

Spirituality town hall

Listen to a meaningful dialogue on spirituality

Overview of town hall

While the role of spirituality in recovery from substance use disorders may be emphasized by many physicians who recognize its importance especially those working in the field of addiction the broader role of spirituality in healing and other areas of medicine is easily overlooked, misunderstood or dismissed. In addition, spirituality is often a topic that doesn't figure even peripherally in physician training. And yet, spirituality defined broadly as an experience of transcendence, or more specifically in reference to religion plays an important role in the practice of medicine, and its influence extends beyond the more familiar (or acceptable) role it is known to play in recovery and 12 Step Programs.

The December 7 event was hosted by OMA PHP leaders Dr. Jon Novick, Ted Bober and Laura Mattila.


  • Dr. Yusra Ahmad
  • Dr. Ken Fung
  • Dr. Michael Kaufmann
  • Dr. Chase McMurren
  • Dr. Rose Zacharias

Learn more about the esteemed panellists.