The PHP Assessment Service provides comprehensive assessments for health professionals who have been referred for assessment by their workplace, regulatory body, residency programs, or medical school. The aim of the Assessment Service is to provide meaningful information, understanding, and recommendations to both the health professional and the referral source. Assessments focus primarily on mental health, behavioural problems and substance use disorders. This service is available to medical students, residents, physicians and veterinarians. 

The process includes the following:

  • A request/referral from a third party (i.e. hospital or regulatory body) when there is an expectation of a report to the referral source.
  • The referred health professional is invited to contact the PHP to start the assessment process. The next step would be an interview with a PHP Medical Director or Associate Medical Director and a Clinical Coordinator.
  • The process includes review of relevant sources of information, gathering information from collateral interviews, and could include a referral for specialized independent clinical evaluations.
  • Sometimes, independent clinical evaluations are recommended to assess and clarify specific questions or concerns raised in the assessment process.
  • The assessment process, recommendations and the PHP final report are reviewed with the referred health care professional. The final PHP report will be provided to the third party referral source once consent from the referred health care professional is received.