The Professionals Health Program (PHP) provides advocacy and monitoring for licensed veterinarians experiencing substance use disorders and/or psychiatric illnesses. The PHP has been serving veterinarians since entering into an agreement with the College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) in 2002.

Veterinarians are trained to provide compassionate high-quality care to their patients and clients. Similar to other health care providers, veterinarians, due to a variety of reasons, are challenged in taking care of themselves in a way that will allow them to maintain compassion for others. Burnout, emotional distress, relationship problems and substance abuse can result in a spiral that may put veterinarians at personal and professional risk.

Veterinarians also face stigma and other barriers around seeking help, and like others, can find it difficult to identify appropriate resources. Help is available.

The PHP provides confidential advice, support and referral to appropriate services to the veterinary profession. The PHP Clinical staff are available by phone to help veterinarians and concerned colleagues or family members to assess problems, and provide referrals for counselling and other clinical services.

The PHP is proud to provide veterinarians access to prompt, professional and completely confidential advice, support, and referral to local services.

Resources for Veterinarians

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