The Ontario Medical Association’s Physician and Professionals Health Program (PHP) is fully supported by the OMA and governed by its Board of Directors. The PHP, based in Toronto, provides a range of services to physicians, residents, medical students and veterinarians across the province and supportive services to family members. PHP services align with the belief that physician health matters and that education, early intervention and treatment are important in helping to sustain a healthy medical workforce. Services to members include timely connection to treatment and resources (for example treatment of substance use or psychiatric conditions, counselling, coaching and more). The PHP provides evaluative services for physicians, veterinarians and trainees where health or behavioural issues are a concern to training programs, workplaces or medical regulators.

The PHP advisory panel that includes stakeholders, regulators and OMA board membership provides guidance on PHP activities, policies and programming. All information from members, received by the PHP, is kept in confidence as governed by policy and compliant with PHIPA.

PHP Program Mission

The Physician Health Program and the Professionals Health Program of the Ontario Medical Association will serve the needs of physicians and veterinarians at risk of, or suffering from substance use disorders, and/or psychiatric disorders through prompt intervention, referral to treatment, monitoring and advocacy.

It is the mandate of the Physician Health Program and the Professionals Health Program to educate and promote the biological, psychological, social and spiritual health of physicians and veterinarians generally and especially for those who are at risk of substance use disorders or psychiatric disorders.

PHP Program Objectives

  • To offer advice, help, and support to physicians and veterinarians and members of their families who are experiencing personal difficulties including substance use disorders and/or psychiatric disorders.
  • To provide intervention services on behalf of physicians and veterinarians who may be impaired due to substance use disorders and/or psychiatric disorders.
  • To arrange appropriate assessment and treatment services for physicians and veterinarians as required.
  • To monitor, advocate, and function as case manager for all physicians and veterinarians requiring this service after treatment for substance use disorders and / or psychiatric disorders for improved health and functioning by the physician or veterinarian participant.
  • To offer primary prevention and health promotion activities to the medical and veterinary professions.
  • To conduct and participate in research on physician and veterinarian impairment and health.
  • To complete a comprehensive program evaluation every five years in order to improve program service and performance.