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The Canadian Medical Foundation (CMF) believes that, to ensure the best in health care for all Canadians, we must support the men and women who dedicate their lives to deliver it.

In his own words - Dr. Derek Puddester reveals why we need to support our colleagues

"During the annual luncheon hosted by the Canadian Medical Foundation at CMA General Council 2012, I had an opportunity to have a great discussion with Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Medical Director of the Ontario Medical Association's Physician and Professional Program. Dr. Kaufmann raised a number of important and essential issues, that strongly resonated with the audience". Click here to read the full interview

The Canadian Medical Protective Association - Physician Wellness
Physicians inevitably face stressful situations during the course of their careers. They are subjected to the demands of medical practice while navigating an increasingly complex medico-legal environment. The CMPA is committed to learning more about physician stress arising from adverse events and medico-legal issues and in developing ways to help our members deal with stress.  The “Sharing experiences” section of their website will allow physicians to benefit from the insights and coping strategies of their colleagues, and to realize that they are not unique or alone when confronted with such problems. 

Coping with the stress of medical practice

Information and resources on this page will provide some comfort and assistance to physicians experiencing difficult times in their career. To learn more, click here
University of Western Ontario - VITALS

VITALS is a student run initiative to promote wellness in all years of undergraduate medical training. Centralizing campus and community resources, hosting workshops and raising awareness to support students in all the dimensions of wellness.

VITALS was created through the support of an Ontario Medical Student Association (OMSA) Innovator Grant. VITALS would like to also thank: Pam Bere & Dr. Michael Rieder (Learner Equity & Wellness), Dr. Robert Hammond (Student Support Team), Dr. Michael Kaufmann (PHP Medical Director), The Student Development Center, Ethan Cassidy (Meds 2016) and Alison Kealey (Queen’s MPH).














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Recognizing The Risks

Vocational re-evaluation: pausing to take a personal and occupational inventory
(OMR, August 2003)

Physician substance abuse and addiction: recognition, intervention, and recovery
(OMR, October 2002)

Physician suicide: risk factors and prevention
(OMR, September 2000)

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of distress
(OMR, May 1999)

A social drink could lead to serious professional risk
(OMR, June 1998)

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Reaching Out, Getting Help

After the call: the Physician Health Program referral and intervention process
(OMR, March 1999)

Seeking help through group therapy
(OMR September 1999 and OMR, July 1999).

Physicians in Couples Counseling
(Connections, Summer 2011)

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Understanding Burnout

Physician burnout: part 1
OMR, November 2001)

Physician burnout: part 2
OMR, January 2002)

Physician burnout: part 3
OMR, June 2002)

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Self-Care for Caregivers

Building healthy attitudes & coping strategies - "12 STEPS" for Health Professionals
By Dr. I Michael Kaufmann, BSc,MD, CCFP, ASAM Certified, Medical Director, OMA Physician Health Program

Break away from work: the restorative value of effective vacationing
(OMR, September 2004)

Resilience: The BASICS Checklist: Preparing a Personal Action Plan
(This planning guide is draws on materials from Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges by Steven Southwick and Dennis Charney, 2012 and From the Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and their Families By Donald Meichenbaum, 2012 And the BASICS series of articles, Michael Kaufmann; Ontario Medical Review)

Working with resilience and self care when high profile public health concerns arise
By Ted Bober, MSW, RSW, Case Manager OMA Physician Health Program

Dealing with the fear of failure
(Scrub-In, May 2010)

Compassion Fatigue: is it possible to care too much?
(Scrub-In, May 2012)

A community survey of wellness behaviours and attitudes among physicians
University of Ottawa Faculty Wellness Program / Academy of Medicine Ottawa

"Chicken Soup For the Doctor's Soul"
(OMR, September 2000)

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The Physician's Physician

Guidelines to formulate work prescriptions for physicians patients experiencing mental illness
(OMR, July/August 2005)

Doctor, who is your personal physician?
(OMR, November 1997)

When the patient is a doctor: becoming an effective physician's physician
(OMR, October 1998)

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A Disrupted Workplace

Recognition and management of the behaviourally disruptive physician
(OMR, April 2001)

Management of Disruptive Behaviour in Physicians, a Staged Rehabilitative Approach
(OMR, October 2005)






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