The PHP maintains a resource database made up of mental health and addiction clinicians across Ontario who have experience dealing with health professionals.

Some of the types of referrals that the PHP staff provides include:

  • services for formal assessment and/or treatment of substance use disorders, psychiatric disorders, eating disorders or behavioural addictions (e.g. gambling, sexual addiction)
  • couples counseling
  • coaching
  • workplace behavioural assessments
  • individual private psychotherapy with psychologists or social workers for a variety of personal issues

The PHP case managers do not give out a listing of our resources in order to protect the privacy of the clinicians who agree to be on our list, and to protect them from burnout due to oversubscribing.   If an OHIP funded resource is required, the Case Manager will contact the physician resource first to see if that person has availability before making the match with the PHP caller.

The names on our list are derived from a variety of sources including word-of-mouth from colleagues we have worked with in the past, recruitment from designated contacts in the community who have been contracted to develop resource networks in their area of the province, and interested clinicians who have attended our Education Days. We are very grateful for the support of the clinicians on our resource database without whom we could not provide this valuable service.

If you are interested in working with the OMA Physician and Professionals Health, please fill out the Response Form below and fax to 416-340-2860.





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