Participants of the PHP understand the value of a support network as they work towards good overall health and well-being. Each participant has a team of professional and personal supports that they can rely on for assistance. At the same time, the network may also note concerning behaviours or other early warning signs, signalling that a person may not be in optimal  health. A mental health recurrence or substance dependence relapse is not usually a single occurrence. It is a process that can often be observed in its earliest stages.

When a person with substance dependence takes a drink or uses a drug, or when a person with a mental health condition displays erratic or counterproductive behaviours, these are considered to be the most acute symptoms of a relapse or recurrence. However, in almost every instance, if people around the person were to look back on the past few days, weeks or months, they would notice subtle and not so subtle hints that this relapse or recurrence was coming.

In addition to the treating health professionals in the participant’s support network who provide regular feedback to the PHP case managers, participants also have a primary monitor. Participants who are working also choose workplace monitors to support them. The benefit of this network is that no one person is responsible for monitoring a person’s health.

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