Initiating an important conversation - series introduction

By Michael Kaufmann, MD - OMA Physician Health Program

The Five Fundamentals of Civility for Physicians is more than simply polite or courteous behaviour - it has many dimensions that involve one self, others, as well as the community and culture we share. Organizations and individuals pay a price for incivility. Costs to the workplace include employee absenteeism, diminished engagement and increased turnover as workers leave the organization prematurely. When unaddressed and uncorrected, incivility can result in an insidious infusion of risk and insecurity into the social environment at work, creating a spiral of uncivil behaviours, reactions, and retaliations.

In the first of a series of articles Dr. Michael Kaufmann, examines the impact of incivility in the health care environment, and reviews strategies that can be adopted to foster civil behaviour. To read complete article, click on the titles below.

The Five Fundamentals of Civility for Physicians - reflects on the need for respect, awareness, communication, self-care and responsibility in the workplace and beyond.

Respect Others and Yourself - focuses on the importance of demonstrating respect for others and oneself.

Be Aware - Civility is a deliberate endevour, requiring conscious awareness of oneself and others.

Communicate Effectively - Civil Communication is more about how we say it as much as what we say. Or do. Effective communication is critical at times of tension or when the stakes are high.

Take Good Care of Yourself - Looking after ourselves is just as important as looking after our patients.

Be Responsible - Understand and accept personal accountability.



The above articles entitled The Five Fundamentals of Civility for Physicians first appeared in the March 2014 issue of the Ontario Medical Review and is reproduced to post online, with the permission of the Ontario Medical Association.




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