The following articles offer intervention suggestions based on a growing understanding of various issues, and PHP experience managing these cases.

Help Sheet For Those Impacted By Violence Or Murder Of A Colleague Or Loved One - Source: Physician Health Program, Ontario Medication Association, 2016 as adapted from grieving/

Physicians in Couples Counseling - By Susan Stephenson,M.Ed, Psychotherapist, private practice
Toronto (Connections, Summer 2011)

Dealing with the fear of failure - By Ann Davidson, MSW, RSW, Case Manager OMA Physician Health Program (Scrub-In, May 2010)

Management of Disruptive Behaviour in Physicians, a Staged Rehabilitative Approach

Guidlines to formulate work prescriptions for physicians patients experiencing mental illness

Break away from work: the restorative value of effective vacationing

University of Ottawa Faculty Wellness Program / Academy of Medicine Ottawa, A community survey of wellness behaviours and attitudes among physicians








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