Dr. Kaufmann's six-part series on the fundamental principles of physician self-care. The "BASICS" series offers practical suggestions for stress management, improved health and well-being, and building resilience.

Each letter of the word BASICS introduces a category for discussion: “B” is for body, or physiological considerations; “A” stands for affect, attitude and matters psychological; “S” is for social, and refers to our personal relationships; “I” is for intellect, and the many ways we can use it to our advantage; “C” stands for community, and introduces a discussion about the nature and importance of healthy personal and professional groupings; the final “S” refers to the spiritual domain, perhaps the least discussed and the most alluring.

The above articles entitled The Basics first appeared in the following issues (see below) of the Ontario Medical Review and are reproduced to post online, with the permission of the Ontario Medical Association.

The Basics: Part I – “B” is for Body – October 2006
The Basics: Part II – “A” is for Affect – January 2007
The Basics: Part III – “S” is for Social – March 2007
The Basics: Part IV – “I” is for Intellect - May 2007
The Basics: Part V – “C” is for Community - July/August 2007
The Basics: Part VI – “S” is for Spirituality - November 2008

Resilience: The BASICS Checklist: Preparing a Personal Action Plan
(This planning guide is draws on materials from Resilience: The Science of Mastering Life’s Greatest Challenges by Steven Southwick and Dennis Charney, 2012 and From the Roadmap to Resilience: A Guide for Military, Trauma Victims and their Families By Donald Meichenbaum, 2012 And the BASICS series of articles, Michael Kaufmann; Ontario Medical Review)

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