The CMA Centre for Physician Health and Well-being provides national leadership and advocacy on issues affecting the health and morale of Canadian physicians. With a focus on health promotion and illness prevention the Centre functions as the clearinghouse and coordinating body to provide a trusted information resource to physicians, physicians in training, their families and loved ones. Click to learn more.


Healthy Practices is a new podcast series on physician health and wellness hosted by internationally respected psychiatrist Dr. Mamta Gautam, the Doctor's doctor. Healthy Practices features honest, practical insights from several experts offering information and advice on how to lead a healthier life. In the telling of their stories, you may hear your own. Learn from their experiences and, as you listen, become more resilient and better able to thrive in the ever-changing world of medicine.

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Series 1: Mental health in Canada
This podcast series sets the stage and explores mental health from a national viewpoint. Dr. Mamta Gautam speaks to key informed national leaders outside of medicine and gets their perspective on physician health.

Series 2: What makes a healthy physician?
Dr. Mamta Gautam talks to six physicians from six countries about physician wellness – seen through an international lens. This series was recorded in London, UK, during the November 2008 International Conference on Doctors’ Health. Tune in to hear rich discussions about how doctors can stay healthy, happy and productive.

Series 3: Building resilient medical communities
Recorded at the Canadian conference on Physician Health, this six-podcast series offers insights from physicians at various career stages, into how to build resilient medical communities and enjoy the fulfilling medical career.

Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Medical Director, Physician Health Program, Ontario Medical Association (OMA), speaks to Dr. Mamta Gautam about the incredible resilience demonstrated by physicians accessing OMA's physician health program, why resiliency means so much more than coping and managing stress, and why the message of resilience is so powerful.

Series 4: Physicians as patients
Dr. Mamta Gautam speaks with physicians about their experiences dealing with difficult personal and professional challenges.

Series 5: Workplace Issues
This series addresses issues with respect to medical workplace health and wellness. As Dr. Mamta Gautam states, “one can place a healthy, highly-functioning person in an unhealthy workplace, and they can soon become unhealthy”.

Special Feature: Stress Management for Busy Professionals
As a proud supporter of the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) CMA presents Dr. Mamta Gautam’s WXN presentation. Based on years of experience with physician patients, Dr. Gautam shares her insights with humour and compassion.





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