CMA Honours Dr. Michael Kauffman

Recently, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) honoured Dr. Michael Kaufmann, Medical Director of the Physician Health Program (PHP), with the 2015 CMA Physician Misericordia Award. This award recognizes and celebrates physicians, such as Dr. Kaufmann, who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and support for their colleagues by:

- demonstrating an outstanding lifetime commitment to caring, compassion and support for physician colleagues
- building and nurturing the vibrancy of the medical profession in his/her community
- demonstrating his/her commitment to support a culture of collaboration with colleagues
- demonstrating outstanding initiative and inspiration to others

In conferring this award, the CMA Board of Directors recognized Dr. Kaufmann’s compassion and commitment to assisting physicians and health professionals suffering from addiction and other mental health issues, as well as his efforts to promote healthy work environments that encourage respectful and collaborative relationships among physicians and their colleagues.

The OMA is very proud of Dr. Kaufmann’s accomplishment and the contributions he’s made to the profession. Please join us in congratulating him on this well-deserved award.




CMA General Council 2012

“During the annual luncheon hosted by the Canadian Medical Foundation at CMA General Council 2012, I had an opportunity to have a discussion with Dr. I. Michael Kaufmann, Medical Director of the Ontario Medical Association’s Physician and Professional Health Program.

“This was quite an honour and a huge responsibility. Mike is a dear friend and colleague, whom I have known for many years.

“I had the privilege of asking him questions about his own journey in recovery, and how that contributed to his design and creation of a global gold standard in physician health programming.

“Mike raised a number of important and essential issues, including three that strongly resonated with both myself and the audience.

Stigma is a strong and powerful force—repressing many in the medical community from seeking and offering help—and needs to be fought vigorously.
“Our strength lies in our professional community of care and the duty and obligation we have to serve the health needs of each other.
“The work of the Canadian Medical Foundation deserves the support of all Canadian medical students and physicians.”

Thanks to both Dr. Puddester and Dr. Kaufmann. Your dedication and commitment to physician health and wellness is inspiring to all.

Photo insert above: Drs. Derek Puddester and Michael Kaufmann during the Canadian Medical Foundation fundraising luncheon at CMA GC 2012 in Yellowknife, NWT. Donors contributed more than $50,000 at this uplifting event.

PHP Makes it to the International Stage

In January, 2011, the PHP had the opportunity once again to visit a fledgling European physician support service.

Dr. Kaufmann was a guest of the Royal Dutch Medical Association and Radboud University in the Netherlands where he was able to offer a series of consultations and training workshops to a variety of stakeholders who are now about to launch the new program which is named ABS-Artsen. 

It has been rewarding to share our experience and to be able to welcome a new service to our growing global community of physician health programs.

Dr. Kaufmann is pictured here with Dr. Cor De Jong of Radboud University, one of the architects of the new Dutch program.


The OMA Physician Health Program (PHP) continues to garner national and international recognition for its success in treating the addicted physician. Below are couple of articles that can testify to that.

Progress Notes — January 2004
OMR, 2004-01; 71 (1): 58-60.

Confidentiality and PHP
OMR, 2003-04; 70 (4): 102-103.

OMA Physician Health Program garners praise within Australian medical community
OMR, 2001-09; 68 (8): 25-30.








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